Kyungsun Chung

/ Founder

Root Impact, CEO & Founder
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Board Member
Community Education Council, Director

“I aspire to build a community with no alienation towards the lack of resources, no discrimination against the differences. I hope that our works can attest how a physical community can sustain everyone’s physical and psychological well-being.”

Chung Kyung-sun founded Root Impact and HGI, as he early realized the importance of social entrepreneurship in pursuing a sustainable society and how much these entrepreneurs are in need of help. This is how he started to build communities and infrastructure for social ventures and impact investing from the early stage of Korea’s impact ecosystem. As a former CEO and founder of HGI, he is supporting HGI’s long-term vision and to seek partnerships. He is also the director of Rockefeller Charity Advisory Group, one of the world's leading philanthropic innovation advisory organizations, and thus participates in international events related to impact investment. He is also the co-founder and managing partner of Sylvan Group, a Singapore-based Impact PE.

Bohyun Nam


The Happiness Foundation
LG Electronics
SK Communications

“I believe in the power of values that are co-created by a team, not solely by oneself. I hope to build reliable camaraderie among changemakers by providing them with full support.”

Bohyun has her background in project management and communication, having worked on strategies and operations arm of SK Communications. She has also worked at LG Electronics on analyzing and forecasting product trend, with strong focus on providing user-centered UX.

At SK Happiness Foundation, she focused on providing adequate and sufficient resources to social ventures so that they can maximize their social and financial impact. She worked on its investment review and incubating process, having identified strong appropriate technology candidates and created collaboration platform for entrepreneurs.

At HGI, she hopes to turn her experiences and networks into identifying bright entrepreneurs and bolstering them based on their needs.

Soryun park


McKinsey & Company

“I want to be part of building a community that I, along with my own child, want to live. I’m happy to be able to work alongside bright, young innovators that are keen to make this world a better place through the power of entrepreneurship.”

As a consultant at McKinsey & Company, Soryun has closely worked with various companies on a wide array of business agenda, including devising long term strategies. Upon completing her MBA at University of Chicago, Soryun worked at Citibank New York, where she led feasibility study and industry attractiveness analysis for its global business expansion around the world.

As CSO of HGI, Soryun is working on setting up long term strategies and identifying major business agenda.

Jinjoo Kim

Managing Director
/ Investing Team

Seoul National University Hospital
Gyeongsang National University Hospital
DAYLI Partners

“I will be with change-making entrepreneurs.”

Jinjoo, as an executive director of the investment team, brings rich experiences in medicine and Bio/Healthcare investment.

After Jinjoo won the doctor’s degree in medicine, she worked at DAYLI Partners, a bio-focused venture capital firm based in Seoul, and as a professor in Gastroenterology at Seoul National University and Gyeongsang National University Hospital.

Jinjoo wants to contribute to a world in which everyone can live a value-driven lifestyle. She partners with companies that confront complex social challenges and fight for sustainable growth.

Woojin Nam

Managing Director
/ Investing Team

Korea Development Bank
Shinhan Alternative Investment Management

"I want to prove that our investment strategy is accessible and effective just like other investment strategies.”

Nam Woo-jin has experienced various aspects of corporate finance at Korea Development Bank, including technology evaluation of startups and governmental financing. When he worked at Shinhan Alternative Investment Management, he started to learn and explore impact investing as he managed a fund that targets investment in social ventures. At HGI, his goal is to expand the impact investing industry based on his experience at large-size traditional finance companies. He aspires to build a virtuous cycle for capital invested in this impact investing industry.

Jaeho Koh

/ Investing Team

SK Planet
SK Telecom

“I see my job as making the world a better place to live.”

As a manager at SK Telecom and SK Planet, Jaeho Koh carried out web- and mobile-based new business planning, service design, and operation, building capabilities in project management and communication.

As the lead of an internal startup program, Jaeho experienced the entire lifestyle of a start-up from ideation, to funding, operation, and exit. He joined HGI to help make an impact by incubating start-ups using his extensive experience in new business planning and start-up mentoring.

Yoojin Lee

/ Business Management Division

Quantum & Partners
A.T Kearney Korea
Eli Lilly & Company Korea

“I believe that a value-driven lifestyle brings abundance to our lives.”

Yoojin aspires to offer quality management support for the HGI members.

Yoojin found herself at HGI as an answer to her question — "Wouldn't we live more abundantly if I do the same tasks as a management support manager at a company with a more meaningful vision?
Yoojin's rich experience in management support includes accounting at A.T Kearney Korea, Eli Lilly & Company Korea, and time as a general manager of management support team Quantum & Partners.

Hyeeun Jeon

Team Leader
/ Business Management Team

Wadiz Partners
BSK Investment

"I want to be the bridge that connects and supports investments that benefit the world.”

Jeon Hye-eun worked as the lead of the fund operation team at BSK Investment and Wadiz Partners and thus was in charge of overseeing the entire lifecycle of the venture capital fund. It helped her experience various types of events related to fund operation and compliance. While supporting her former company’s transformation of identifying itself as an impact investor, she found herself understanding the underlying value of impact investing. She is looking forward to putting her best effort into supporting her teammates at HGI who are together striving to make good influences, make the world a better place.

Hayeon Oh

Team Leader
/ Sustainability Management Team

Sylvan Sustainability Lab
Impact Square

"I believe that impact investing can be a structural solution to social problems."

At Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH), an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Hayeon has carried out various international development cooperation projects that contribute to resolving global healthcare inequality. At Sylvan Sustainability Lab, she was responsible for the establishment of the ESG/Impact investment framework and strategy, as well as ESG/Impact due diligence and management for a global PE.

At HGI, Hayeon is tasked with integrating sustainability concerns into the company’s investment process and aims to define the role of VCs in the rapidly changing ESG/Impact investment industry.

Yeeun Lee

Senior Manager
/ Business Management Team

Dong-a Ilbo
Midas Dong-a Investment

“I hope to give fundamental support to those who are in need.”

Yeeun oversees the Impact fund management at HGI and regularly manages Impact investors to maintain financial profit and social impact.

Yeeun was inspired to pursue a career in impact investment during her world travel & volunteer experience in 2014. She saw the limited impact of one-time volunteer works and decided to seek fundamental and sustainable ways to support those in need.

Ye-eun has an academic background in Management from Chung-ang University and a Master's in International Development Cooperation from Kyunghee University. Ye-eun has a decade of experience in accounting, finance, taxation service, and fund management at Dong-a Ilbo and Midasdong-a Investment.

Hyunjoo Lee

Senior Manager
/ Business Management Team

Welcome Group
Rocket Electric Co., Ltd

"I look forward to a better future with kind influence."

Lee Hyun-joo was in charge of accounting and tax affairs in the finance department of Rocket Electric and Welcome Group; she also reviewed the feasibility and risks of big and small operations. She joined HGI in the hope of finding ways to solve problems related to our society and supporting teammates who are striving to expand positive influence throughout the world. She aspires to contribute and be part of the movement that is tires to make the world a better place.