HGI is not only our first investor but also our oldest partner.

At the time of pivoting into the logistics business in 2015, all we had was a tiny fulfillment center and a strong social mission. Yet, HGI decided to invest in us, having faith in our social mission. Without it, I imagine our company might have been different. The most distinctive characteristic of HGI is that they support a company’s social mission and support the ‘human’ entrepreneur. They have fully supported our team.

As a portfolio that feels affection and care for HGI, I confidently recommend HGI as one of the most sincere impact investing venture capital.

Park Chan-jae, CEO of ‘Dohands’

HGI is a friendly guide that shows the way towards social impact.

While we do realize that social impact and ESG are important topics, it is always challenging to integrate these ideas into daily business. HGI has been a friendly guide and partner on the same wavelength. They tried to provide practical advice and support instead of irrelevant, theoretical advice.

While creating Impact Chain Model, our team had to reject our original hypothesis and thus had to go through many difficulties. Thanks to HGI's support, we were able to develop our abstract social mission into a concrete one.

Song Jae-seung, Vice President of ‘Gym-T’

HGI understands our strong value and mission.

Our favorite part about having HGI as our shareholder is that they understand and care about not only our business potential but also our values. Our team was once worried that our values might be irrelevant in the short term. However, after we got to know HGI, we gained confidence in developing and spreading our company’s vision.

We easily drift away from our values as we are pressured to solve R&D problems day to day. However, we get to remind ourselves while talking to HGI as we often have casual conversations about our values, social and environmental problems, et cetera. These conversations give clues for developing our thoughts.

Lee Hee-jae, CEO of ‘Seawith’


Targeting environmental problems and climate change threatening our earth and humanity, especially pollution ands resource depletion.

Clean Energy

Businesses that solve problems caused by fossil fuel-based energy production, storage, and supply systems

Environment-friendly Solution

Businesses that help mitigate and adapt to climate change and reduce environmental pollution

Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Businesses that minimize environmental problems at all stages of food and agriculture including production, consumption and disposal

Targeting economic and social polarization due to absolute and relative gap between individuals and communities.

Biotech and Healthcare

Businesses that help everyone enjoy a healthy, high-quality life

Education and Caring Solution

Businesses that provide quality care and universal access to education

SMB and High-Quality Jobs

Businesses that promote sustainable growth of small-medium business owners and create high-quality jobs

Leading the way towards a more diverse and inclusive society.

Inclusive Finance and Digitalization

Businesses that provide financial and digital services for the underserved

Affordable Housing

Businesses that provide affordable residence in order to alleviate the housing burden of the underserved

Lifestyle and Content Diversity

Businesses that provide everyone with chance to enjoy a lifestyle and entertainment without discrimination, prejudice, and/or hatred